30 December, 2006

Exit stage down: Saddam Hussein.

Saddam Hussein has finally has finally fallen through the trapdoor, at 03.00 GMT. Not that everybody is pleased. According to the Times, the Italian Prime Minister, Romano Prodi, is filled with horror. The BBC reports that Margaret Beckett, UK Foreign secretary, speaking for the UK government, does not approve of executions, even for mass murderers; she is joined by an exotic array: George Galloway, Ming Campbell and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The Independent agrees with Human Rights Watch that Saddam's trial was flawed.

Amnesty International must be on holiday. No doubt they will be weighing in later today, as will their friends in the European Union.

Sure enough, Amnesty deplores it all and, Reuters reports, the European Union thinks all barbaric. "You don't fight barbarism with acts that I deem as barbaric. The death penalty is not compatible with democracy," said a spokesman for the Finnish EU presidency. Actually, being NATO free-loaders, the Finns do not fight anybody with anything.

Much more from the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian.


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