05 October, 2006

Afghanistan Reference

This page is intended as an Afghanistan database for future easy reference. It is not intended to be exhaustive, rather it lists the main UK and US government and Afghanistan news sites I have bookmarked over the last few months. I hope it proves useful to anyone seeking background information or news on Afghanistan.

Map of Afghan Provinces:

From: Afghana.com. Click on map to enlarge.

CIA World Factbook: Afghanistan

US State Department: Briefing Notes

Foreign Office: Country profile (updated 18.12.06)

Ministry of Defence

Department of Defense

Centcom- Afghanistan

International security Assistance Force (ISAF)


The Durand Line

United Nations

Afgha.com news

Afghanistan's website

Afghan Daily

Wikipedia, much maligned in some quarters but useful for quick reference and links.

BBC South Asia

Last, but certainly not least, Google News

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