04 October, 2006

Simon Heffer on Cameron's Conservatives.

At the best of times, Simon Heffer has a brilliant turn of phrase and a wonderful ability to get up the left's nose but, in today's Daily Telegraph, he excels even himself in his sadly accurate analysis of Dave Cameron's Conservative Beta Party. The knockabout is tremendously funny. I particularly liked his description of the new Conservative Party that Cameron is trying to create as a:

the tree-hugging, bunny-hugging, hoodie-hugging cult
However, Heffer also makes a very serious point: in trying to attract the floating vote and a favourable press by articulating trendy policies according to the latest findings of his focus groups, Cameron is alienating much of the Tory core support.

Core support does not mean only those who will vote Conservative whatever, it is also the individuals who, come election time, deliver posters, stuff leaflets in envelopes, knock on doors, drive cars and undertake all the rest of the mundane jobs vital in any election campaign.

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