03 October, 2006

Wyconda Pincer victory for ISAF in Farah.

Afhga.com reports a success for Operation Wyconda Pincer, the ISAF attack on the Taliban in Farah province, western Afghanistan. Probably as part of a sub-operation called Wyconda Rib, launched in the Golestan district of the province (tbc), the Taliban have been removed from the area.

Provincial police chief Sayed Aqa Saqib told Pajhwok Afghan News on Sunday the district headquarters was captured by Taliban fighters about two weeks back. The militants were forced out after a joint operation by the US and Afghan forces.
He said Taliban set on fire the district offices, police stations, clinics, schools and other governmental buildings before fleeing the area. They also took away a number of vehicles with them.
Another police official Mohammad-ud-Din said they had launched a search operation in the area for the fleeing militants. He said no arrest had been made thus far.
Located to the far east of the provincial capital, Gulistan district is abutting the country's restive Helmand province. Taliban have intensified their resistance against the Afghan and foreign troops in the south, southeastern and some western parts of the country over the past six months.

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