20 September, 2006

Afghanistan: all points bulletin

In Farah province, western Afghanistan, ISAF forces have launched Operation Wyconda Pincer against the Taliban. As far as I can work out, Wyconda is a native North American term meaning a rocky place where mushrooms grow. Forbes reports that,

The offensive follows recent Taliban attacks in Farah that left at least a dozen insurgents and police dead last week. Four Italian soldiers were also wounded in a recent roadside bombing.

Map from Europa. Click on map to enlarge.

In eastern Afghanistan, CNN reports, Operation Mountain Fury is going after the Taliban, targeting the area around Ghazni, Paktia and Lowgar.

Operation Medusa has just finished in the southern areas of K(Q)hanadar and Helmand and the Taliban threat seems to have been much reduced there.

The north of the country is relatively quiet, which is where the majority of non-combatant NATO forces from outside the USA,UK, Canada and Netherlands have been hiding.

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