21 September, 2006

Schism looming

The battle lines between liberal and conservative (orthodox) Anglicans over homosexual priests are being further delineated as Orthodox bishops from Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia meet in Rwanda, where they are expected to agree a common statement on the issue

Beilefnet reports that,

Nigerian Archbishop Peter Akinola said the proposed statement, or covenant, is being drafted at this week's gathering of 25 bishops mainly from Africa, Asia and Latin America. The meeting in Kigali ends Friday.
"We have provisions in the covenant that very clearly state what it means to be an Anglican. The dos and don'ts of an Anglican," said Akinola, the chairman of Global South grouping, which represents more than two-thirds of the Anglican Communion's members
The obvious question is why should a small minority of the Anglican communion be able to arbitrarily substitute "human rights" concepts for biblical authority and impose their views on the majority.

Reuters also has a report.


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