23 September, 2006

Lateral Thinking

There are ordinary idiots and then there are highly trained council-trained idiots. Joe Duckworth (photographed here by Royters), the Isle of Wight Council's chief executive, is a potential Nobel Prize wining council idiot. At a time when the council is freezing appointments and cutting expenditure, he is responsible for this, from the Daily Telgraph:

A council faced with budget cuts has spent almost £2,000 to issue staff with "thinking caps" and puzzles to help them come up with money-saving ideas.
Officers are being asked to wear the baseball caps at "brainstorming" meetings and compete to come up with thrift schemes.
The Isle of Wight council has bought 250 caps, with the words "thinking cap" across the front, and 3,000 cube puzzles which can be made into the word "think".

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