29 September, 2006

al-Qaeda database

To help understand the War on Terror, in particular the road from the Twin Towers to Afghanistan, Crumbling Spires presents the CS al-Qaeda database, a rough guide to al-Qaeda's origins, history and current activity. Of course there are many other sources on the web, but I find these few suffice as a handy reference when checking dates and general details of past events.

Who is Osama bin Laden? asks the BBC, with links to a television documentary (Panorama, 43 minutes) about Bin Laden.

Interactive al-Qaeda time-line from BBC News.

Interactive graphic from Der Spiegel, detailing Al Qaeda attacks worldwide since 9/11.

Taliban time-line from infoplease.

Background to links between al-Qaeda and the Taliban from BBC News.

The New Yorker analyses al-Qaeda within the broader context of Islamic terrorism's long term goals.

Not exactly related to the above, but my favourite Osama pin-up poster, Wanted, Dead or Alive, No1 of a set of 26.

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