28 September, 2006

British Army in Afghanistan

The Daily Telegraph examines the nature of the fighting in Afghanistan and elsewhere reports that the army's most intense fighting since the Korean War has led to180 recommendations for medals, including "several" Victoria Crosses".

Describing the range of actions, a senior Whitehall source said: "You are talking about bayonet and grenade actions, Chinooks landing troops while being raked by gunfire and 105mm guns in direct fire mode."
The latter comment refers to light field guns being used with their barrels horizontal due to the proximity of the enemy — something not seen since Korea. "We're talking Waterloo stuff here," a source told The Daily Telegraph.
It is expected that as many as 100 of the awards will go to 3 Bn The Parachute Regiment which, for three months, has been in the front line against the Taliban in Helmand.

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