30 September, 2006


For any who might not have heard of him, David Cameron is an anti-Bush liberal who has somehow become the leader of the centre-right UK Conservative Party. In domestic policy he is a Tony Blair clone but with verbs. Cameron climbs glaciers to demonstrate his belief in the pseudo-science of global warming and thinks we should all be understanding towards hoodies. Other than that, his main claim to fame is a traffic accident in India. His policies, uncontaminated by principle, consist of whatever the latest focus group has told him will win votes.

Now, Dave has decided it is time to communicate with the public so he has launched webcameron, a blog through which he can speak to the those "disaffected and disconnected from mainstream politics". The site will feature guest bloggers, beginning with US presidential hopeful Senator John McCain, who was full of praise for Cameron in this week's Spectator.

I wonder what plans he has for speaking to those life-long Tories who are disaffected and disconnected from the Conservative Party. We are listening.

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