07 October, 2006

Misleading BBC Afghanistan report: Part 2

The BBC story linked to in my previous post contains a graphic (bottom of page) which could give the impression that, with many more troops, Germany is making a more significant contribution to the ISAF than Canada. Well they are not.

The German troops are safely ensconced in northern Afghanistan, where there is no danger of Taliban shrapnel landing in their sauerkraut and sausages. By contrast, the Canadians have been in southern Afghanistan, in the thick of the action in Kandahar, where they have been suffering a steady stream of fatalities.

The BBC blandly tells us that:

  • 31,000 troops now on ground in Afghanistan, including 10,000 coalition troops moved under Nato command
  • 37 nations contributing
  • 8,000 US-led troops continue training and counter-terrorism separate from Nato force
In fact, of the NATO countries, apart from the Brits and Canucks, only the Dutch and, of course, the Americans have seen serious action. No mention is made of the valuable contribution made by Australia, (not even a NATO member), especially their special forces.

So much for the BBC as a reliable news source.

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