07 October, 2006

Corrupting Children made easy.

It is simple. Just place your children under the care of the state. The UK Daily Telegraph has revealed the details of the health fascists' latest strategy for indoctrinating children into their bizarre universe. Under the guise of a schools' drug awareness campaign,

(p)upils as young as seven are being encouraged to act out being drunk at a wedding while 10-year-olds pretend to take ecstasy....
The main teachers' resource is an NHS approved text, Drugs Centre stage (the only live official link I could find is a cached Google page). According to the DT, in one role play the children,
act out the death of a drug user. "I think Gary's ODed. He's not moved for a week and he's starting to smell," says the script.
Gary and the script have something in common: they both stink.

Children's innocence does last for ever; they will all too soon find out what the real world is like. Should the state - the NHS and the Department for Education and Skills -be protecting children from sordid reality or exposing them to it as early as possible? I suppose the answer depends on whether you view children as vulnerable individuals in need of protection or as resources to be exploited in an unscrupulous "health professional's " or teacher's career development.


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