06 October, 2006

Injustice, Sharia style.

The Times provides a glimpse of possible things to come in Europe under Sharia "law". In Pakistan, Mirza-Tahir Hussain was found guilty of murder in a case involving highway robbery but after a lengthy legal process,

... the High Court acquitted him. Before Hussain was freed, however, the High Court referred his case to a Sharia court that claims jurisdiction over cases of highway robbery. In that trial in 1998, one of the judges said that the visiting Briton had been framed by police, who had lied in court. But Hussain was given the death penalty by a two-to-one margin and the country’s Sharia Supreme Court rejected subsequent appeals.
Having been freed by the legal system, Hussain was re-arrested by religious police and is going to be executed for a crime for which he has been already legally tried and found not guilty.

Think of that the next time a poll reveals European muslims in favour of the introduction of Sharia in Europe.

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