07 January, 2007

British government descends into chaos.

Today has been Condemn Saddam's Execution Day in the UK: from his free holiday with the Bee Gees, the Prime Minister, says it was "completely wrong"; continuing his leadership election campaign, the Chancellor thinks it "deplorable"; and even the hapless Health secretary weighed in, finding it "shocking". No sign of the Foreign secretary, after her earlier disapproval, but then she does not seem to work weekends.

The only contribution the Chancellor has made to Iraq is to kill some British troops by refusing to spend a few thousand pounds on life saving equipment. The hapless Hewitt, who is presiding over the collapse of the NHS in many areas, is the archetypal member of the Labour slutocracy: an ugly feminist, in office not on ability but to fill a gender quota.

Whatever the merits of the arguments over what is happening in Iraq, it is clearly a foreign policy area. Yet as this government falls apart before our very eyes, other ministers feel able to ride, at will, roughshod over traditional departmental demarcation lines as they jockey for position and influence after Blair's departure sometime between the spring and the autumn. The British government is going to get more chaotic by the week, as ministers increasingly pronounce on any policy area they feel will curry favour with the backbenchers. Since the Labour backbenches have an exotic array of extremists, some of those pronouncements will be way, way to the left.

Anyway, I thought it was a good hanging, very enjoyable. Restrained and tasteful. Congratulations to the Iraqis on a job well done. I can, however, see why the Iraqi Prime Minister is extremely annoyed about the mobile phone film of the hanging - he thought he had the exclusive rights on the Sony HD film version.

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