05 January, 2007

Human rights for murderers.

Unlike their colleagues in Manchester, Derbyshire Police have refused to publish pictures of two escaped murderers for fear that it will breach the murderers' human rights. And no, neither I nor Metro invented the story.

No doubt some senior officers are seeking to ingratiate themselves with the Home Office in the hope of promotion.

According to the Manchester Evening Post, the Lord Chancellor is not impressed with such arse-licking. For its part, Derbyshire Police is floundering about with a load of irrelevant drivel, the worst of which is,

This decision was based on the fact that there was no policing purpose to be served by the release of these photographs in Derbyshire, as inquiries indicated that Croft and Nixon had fled the county and posed no risk to Derbyshire residents.
How do they know they are not in the county, since they obviously have no idea where on earth they are? The best bit of the statement is saved till last, "GMP [Greater Manchester Police] took over primacy for the investigation in December."

I cannot help wondering what the ordinary coppers make of their wretched senior officers.

A quick update with a link to the Derby Evening Telegraph which started the affair by asking the Derbys Keystone Brigade for pictures of the murderers. I will update tomorrow night if the Post has more from its Saturday edition.

Update 6.1.07

The Daily Mail weighs in with typical gusto in an item entitled, "Wanted: for crimes against common sense."

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