02 February, 2007

Extra troops for Afghanistan?

Little seems to have changed since I last posted on Afghanistan. NATO's ISAF continues to take on the Taliban in a series of fierce, but isolated, engagements, especially in Helmand and Kandahar provinces. The strategy seems to be to reduce Taliban capabilities before the terrorists launch their widely expected spring offensive.

Probably also with the spring offensive in mind, the United States and the UK are increasing troop levels in the country. Yesterday, UK Defence secretary Des Browne announced another 800 troops, many of which appear to be reservists. According to Reuters, the actual increase, taking into account redeployments throughout the province, will be about 300, so it sounds as if the announcement is largely cosmetic and will not lead to a significant increase in combat troops.

It looks like the British Army will yet again be sent into battle under-manned and ill-equipped. Little seems to have changed since I first posted on Afghanistan.

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