08 April, 2007

Afghanistan: the Taliban Spring Offensive.

Afgha.com has started a chronicle of the Taliban's spring offensive in Afghanistan, which makes a useful reference:

Chronicling the "Spring Offensive".

Chronicling the Spring Offensive II: March 13-25.

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Afgha.com also has a detailed account, with links, of the deteriorating situation in the previously relatively peaceful Farah province.

I must admit that, having relied on the British printed media for the past few months, I had no idea the position was now potentially so bad in western Afghanistan, in the province next door to the British forces in Helmand. Recently, a number of serious incidents have occurred in Farah, including the murder by the Taliban of seven Afghans working for a US company, 22 arrests, including six teenagers, for bomb-making at a madrassah and a devastating roadside bomb attack which killed ten Afghan policemen.


Thanos said...

Henry, first let me state that I am very pleased to see you back and blogging, your last march post had me concerned. Home you are better now.
I find it interesting that this is a border province to Iran, could it be that some of this is now aided and abetted by Iran? The Pak border is becoming less porous, and from what I have seen when forces travel North from Pak now, it seems that ISAF or the Afghan Army is always waiting, not a coincidence to me.

Henry Bolingbroke said...

I am much better now thanks, thanos.

I agree that Iran is probably involved, hardly surprising given that it is now effectively the dominant regional power after debacles of Lebanon and the UK prisoners of war.