20 October, 2006

Veiled News

The Dewsbury teaching assistant, sacked for wearing a veil, has lost her case for unfair dismissal but has been awarded £1,000 of taxpayers hard-earned cash for hurt feelings because her public sector employers did not follow the correct procedures. She is now whining that minorities in Britain are treated like outcasts.

"Integration requires people like me to be in the workplace so that people can see that we are not to be feared or mistrusted. Mrs Azmi said: "Muslim women who wear the veil are not aliens, and politicians need to recognise that what they say can have a very dangerous impact on the lives of the minorities they treat as outcasts.

"Sadly, the intervention of ministers in my case - against the ministerial code - makes me fearful of the consequences for Muslim women in this country who want to work."

Mrs Azmi's lawyers said she intended to appeal and possibly take the case to the European Court of Justice.

She added: "I will continue to uphold my religious beliefs and urge Muslims to engage in dialogue with the wider community, despite the attacks that are being made upon them."

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