31 October, 2006

Taking the bus.

In Florida, enterprising 15-year-old Ritchie Davis helped himself to a bus, driving it along route 39, picking up passengers and collecting fares along the way. Until, that is, some killjoy passenger rang 911 and Orlando's finest arrived.

Ritchie Davis, 15, of Orlando, was stopped minutes later in Seminole County behind the wheel of the Lynx bus carrying Johnson and one other passenger, Seminole investigators said. Deputies said he had stolen the bus and driven it without a license. He was arrested on a grand-theft-auto charge and being held at Seminole's Juvenile Assessment Center.

The case started earlier that morning in Orange County when, deputies said, Davis took a retired Lynx bus from the Central Florida Fairgrounds off West Colonial Drive. They said he proceeded to drive Route 39 almost as if he were a Lynx driver: He was on schedule and knew all the route's stops and turns.
Three cheers for Ritchie. If he was on schedule, where was the official bus?

I do not know about the US, but in the UK a driver who ran on time, knew the route, could work the ticket machine and was not rude to passengers would raise suspicions straight away.


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