04 November, 2006

ISI games.

MotlenThought examines the Indian dimension of the problems being caused by Pakistan's Directorate for inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), suggesting that Pakistan's "uneven" support for America may result from "the ISI's continued desire to use al Qaeda's allies in its proxy war against India."

Update 4.11.06 @ 17:55

I posted the above, went looking for something else and found this, from the Middle East Times: Pakistan and the terror nexus.

The instrumental role that Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) has played in fomenting international terrorism is well-documented. This paper [a leaked report] from an MoD-run think-tank shows clearly that senior intelligence officials are privately so concerned about this problem, that they are leaking the material at this time precisely to counter Musharraf's latest round of PR exercises in the USA and elsewhere.
The article goes on to rehearse details of ISI's involvement with terrorists on both sides of the Atlantic.


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