27 October, 2006

German soldiers: Skull attack 2.

Spiegel Online has more on the so-called "scandal" of the German soldiers and the skull attack (SA) in Afghanistan, first revealed in Das Bild. It reports that a German television station has got hold of other, similar pictures.

Spiegel also has a video report, Skandal Bilder (scroll down the menu). It is in German but politicians pontificating sound the same in any language.

Bild-Zeitung has pictures of what the SA soldiers got up to. It is in German so, like me, the prurient might be grateful for Google Language Tools.

"Much ado about nothing", springs to mind. It was no more than a few squaddies letting off steam. With all the fuss it has created, it is a good job they were not medics. Those boys can be really imaginative.

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