22 October, 2006

Trevor Philips

In the Sunday Times, Trevor Philips, the unelected chairman of the UK thought police, the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) has called for an open debate on multi-culturalism and then issued a not-so veiled threat to try to ensure the debate is conducted on his terms.

There is a danger that increasingly we are so afraid to speak to each other about our differences that nobody can say what they mean and nobody can hear what is meant. Such barriers to honesty and understanding are a disaster for race relations.

These words will of course be taken by some as a licence to offend; they should not be, as the CRE will use its powers strenuously against racist speech
Philips certainly has the tools of intimidation available; the CRE is one of the few organisations that the police can stir themselves to respond to quickly. This is what can happen when a failed politician worms his way into an unelected position of power.

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