24 October, 2006

Senlis stay in Afghanistan

Nearly a week ago, Crumbling Spires reported that the Senlis Council had been kicked out of Afghanistan. Now, they appear to have settled their differences with the Afghanistan government and are staying. From what Senlis have said to Afgha.com, it sounds as though they have given some sort of undertaking to watch what they say and do in future.

In a statement released to Afgha.com, Senlis Council spokeswoman Jane Francis said, “The Senlis Council has not been banned from its activities in Afghanistan. We received a letter from the Afghan Ministry of Interior saying that we should not engage in activities "contrary to the constitution of Afghanistan". Senlis is a research institution and think tank and [in] this regard has never done anything unconstitutional in Afghanistan.”
That raises the question of in what other regard has Senlis possibly not been behaving itself.

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