28 October, 2006

Marianne Willliams 2: medical, legal and police stupdity.

Since my original post on Marianne Williams, the Daily Telegraph has published an account of the evidence. It makes dismal reading. At least two incredible examples of medical incompetence in the treatment of the 15-month-old baby emerge.

  1. Tests which could have given a precise indication of the baby's condition were not carried out, so nobody had the remotest idea of what his salt levels were before the treatment.

  2. the consultant in charge used a formula for adults to calculate which drugs and dosage to use.
Rodney Gilbert, the doctor responsible for this shambles, was the person who first pointed the finger of suspicion at Williams. Always remembering the libel laws, draw your own conclusions.

The doctors did not have the necessary diagnostic information and, anyway, they applied the wrong treatment. Yet, despite this breathtaking medical incompetence, the Crown Prosecution Service agreed with the police and charged the mother with murder. There we have it: incompetent doctors, stupid lawyers and thick policemen. What a combination!

It strikes me that the wrong person was in the dock.



Ciaran said...

Hear hear. It should be shocking that a grieving mother can be put through such an ordeal with no evidence to speak of, but instead it just seems to be part of a trend.

Your Telegraph link is broken, by the way.

Henry Bolingbroke said...

Thanks, ciaran, link mended