14 December, 2006

al Yamamah: the end.

Sense at last. The BBC can report that Lord Goldsmith has finally buried the al-Yamamah investigation. The Serious Fraud Office, which has wasted million of pounds of taxpayers' money on this nonsense, has issued a terse statement.

Serious Fraud Office.


14 December 2006

The Director of the Serious Fraud Office has decided to discontinue the investigation into the affairs of BAE SYSTEMS Plc as far as they relate to the Al Yamamah defence contract with the government of Saudi Arabia.

This decision has been taken following representations that have been made both to the Attorney General and the Director of the SFO concerning the need to safeguard national and international security.

It has been necessary to balance the need to maintain the rule of law against the wider public interest.

No weight has been given to commercial interests or to the national economic interest.

End of statement
I suspect that commercial and economic interests weighed heavily, but not as heavily as the inevitable job losses in Labour constituencies.

Update 15.12.2006

Let us leave what should be last the last word on this sorry saga to the politicians. From the BBC.

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