14 December, 2006

The smells of corruption.

Tony Blair has finally been questioned by Scotland yard detectives investigating the cash for honours scandal. On radio and television, the news has been virtually eclipsed by rows over the inquiry into the death of the ex-Princess of Wales. As the Daily Mail reports, the Downing Street lie-machine has been in full operation.

Mr Blair's spokesman flatly denied that the interview had been deliberately timed to coincide with the publication of the Stevens report into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

"Categorically, that was not the case at all. Categorically, there was no linkage with other events." he said.
Blair seems to have had special treatment since the interview did not take place under caution or with lawyers present and the BBC says the interview was not done by the officer of charge of the case, Assistant Commissioner Yates.

I am no lawyer or expert on police investigations but I can tell a rotten political deal when I smell one.

Speaking of smells, the odious Gordon Brown is just beginning to reek over allegations, most fully reported in the Times, that he used the Treasury to force through a knighthood for one of Labour's major donors.
Sir Ronald Cohen, 60, who has given £1.3 million to Labour and is expected to become Mr Brown’s chief fundraiser, was knighted in 2000 for “services to the venture capital industry”.

But a senior Whitehall insider told Channel 4 News that officials had recommended that Sir Ronald receive a lesser honour, such as a CBE, MBE or OBE, but that was vetoed by the Treasury.

Neither the Cabinet Office, which oversees the honours process, nor the Treasury denied the claim last night.

A late bonus. Within the last few minutes, the Daily Telegraph has updated its time-line of the cash for honours scandal.

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