15 December, 2006

Unrequited lust.

After yesterday's intense bout of seriousness, today is turning out to be a frivolous Friday. Apparently, earlier this year, David Cameron, the liberal we have somehow been landed with as leader of the Conservative Party, said that he fancied Cheryl Tweedy from the pop group Girls Aloud (warning - this link makes strange noises). The infatuation with the nubile Miss Tweedy was obviously before Davey Boy developed a taste for the rough trade.

Now Miss Tweedy, as part of an in-depth political interview by Girls Aloud with leading teenage fashion mag, the New Statesman, has told Cameron to "get lost". Before they start crowing, other politicians should note that they do not come out much better.

The BBC, the Daily Mirror, the Guardian and ITV News are amongst those having a great time with the story. Meanwhile the serious part of the Conservative Party shakes its collective head and waits for Cameron's next hostage to fortune. I cannot help wondering if the Emperor Ming's ambition of entering Downing Street will one day be fulfilled. (Apologies to the memory of the great Charles Middleton for that joke).

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