13 December, 2006

Bill Roggio still in Iraq.

Bill Roggio of The Fourth Rail is still reporting from Iraq. The previous link can be found here.

In the light of yesterday's Crumbling Spires post about the International Crisis Group I was interested to note this from Mr Roggio:

I'm happy to see the New York Times and the International Crisis Group have finally come around on Pakistan. I've been discussing the fall of western Pakistan in detail since January of 2006, and wrote almost 60 articles on this subject. It would have been nice to have received some credit for this, particularly from the International Crisis Group, which virtually pirated my work for segments of the report (start at page 22 on).
I think he is referring to the sections on Taliban-style rule and the spread of Talibanisation. Actually, Roggio probably sells himself short, having written far more than 60 articles which cover the subject in its widest context, going back at least to The Waziristan Problem in January 2006. Required reading for anyone wanting to understand the issues.

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