04 December, 2006

Bill Roggio in Iraq.

Bill Roggio is in Iraq, embedded with the US military. You can read his reports at The Fourth Rail

In the first report, what strikes me, and this will come as no surprise to readers of bandit.three.six, is that the soldiers on the ground do not share the doom and gloom of the main stream media.

In nearly every conversation, the soldiers, Marines and contractors expressed they were upset with the coverage of the war in Iraq in general, and the public perception of the daily situation on the ground. The felt the media was there to sensationalize the news, and several stated some reporters were only interested in “blood and guts.” They freely admitted the obstacles in front of them in Iraq. Most recognized that while we are winning the war on the battlefield, albeit with difficulties in some areas, we are losing the information war. They felt the media had abandoned them.
By the end of Roggio's trip, we will be better informed about what is actually happening in Iraq.


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