09 December, 2006

Afghan politics

In Afghanistan, as the Times has previously reported, warlords have been pressurising President Karzai to sack Mohammed Daud, the Governor of Helmand. Most of the British troops in Afghanistan are stationed in Helmand and, after British pressure, in January, Daud had been appointed to replace the former governor, Sher Mohammed Akhunzada, who is a drug running warlord.

Today's Times says, President Karzai has sacked Daud, leaving his deputy, Akhunzada's brother, temporarily left in charge. The Times quotes a diplomatic source:

“For the moment and before a new governor is named, the governor of Helmand is a drug-dealing warlord who was banned from the elections by the UN for keeping a militia and his connection to narcotics, and with whom the British have said they cannot work. Nice.”

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