03 December, 2006

Des Smith, Tony Blair - a right pair... (updated)

According to the Sunday Telegraph Tony Blair is not letting the police have e-mails they have requested in connection with the cash for honours inquiry.

...detectives have complained privately that they received a "very slim" file of material only to discover, through further investigation of their own, that there were hundreds more documents, mainly emails, which had not been handed over. It is believed police gained access remotely to a Government computer to gather some of the material.
Yates of the Yard is said to be less than happy.

Meanwhile, Des Smith, the headmaster whom we have to thank for the cash for honours show, has been talking exclusively to the Daily Mail. When Smith was questioned by police, he was arrested and thrown in a cell for eight hours. Now he wants Blair to be treated the same.
He says: 'If the police are determined to treat everyone equally and be even-handed, a cosy chat at Chequers with Tony Blair simply will not do. My experience was dehumanising and designed to reduce me to my bare essentials. The Prime Minister must be treated the same way.'

Meanwhile,Tony Blair is already planning his revenge on the Police. No surprise. That's what criminals do.

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