02 December, 2006

Stuff and nonense.

Jamie Oliver is the odious little celebrity toad who was conscripted by the health fascists in the Blair government to tell the nations' children what, and what not, to eat. The majority of children can tell a pillock when they see one and have not been impressed.

Now, the Daily Mail is enjoying itself at Oliver's expense. The health food fanatic has got a double chin. In fact, in non-Mail parlance, Oliver is a right fat bastard, larded with hypocrisy.

The Mail also reports that Nigella Lawson does not want to be regarded a " kitchen blow-up sex doll". To prove it she poses for the Mail in one of few recent publicity pictures in which she does herself justice and hasn't been tarted up like a six-penny whore. All this in aid of a cookery series she has on BBC this week. Never the less, I think she's missed a great marketing opportunity with Nigella Blow-up Dolls.

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