29 November, 2006

India on Afghanistan at the UN.

Nirupam Sen, India's ambassador to the United Nations has been addressing the UN General Assembly on Afghanistan. From the Hindustan Times:

Rejecting suggestions for making a deal with the Taliban, India has said the long-term solution to problems in Afghanistan lies in a judicious mixture of using force against extremist elements and providing credible and sustained development opportunities.

"What is needed is to eliminate the bases of extremists' support," India's Ambassador to UN Nirupam Sen told the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday without naming any country and called for interdiction of sources that provide terrorist groups with arms and finances.

He rejected suggestions for making a deal with the Taliban and warned that such a course would bring neither peace nor security.

"The swamp of terrorist insurgency cannot be drained till the stream feeding the swamp dries up or is at least reduced to a trickle," he remarked.
Here is the official UN press release on the General Assembly's debate on Afghanistan.

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