01 December, 2006

Panorama: "3 Commando: hunting the Taleban."

A BBC crew has been filming in Helmand, Afghanistan with the British army and on Sunday, 3rd December, Panorama will be showing the results on BBC1 at 22:15. It will also be streamed on the web at the link above. The publicity for "3 Commando: Hunting the Taleban" says:

Amid battle scenes that have been described by one commander as the most intense "since the Korean War", the BBC's Alastair Leithead, award-winning cameraman Fred Scott and field producer Peter Emmerson spent nine days embedded with UK forces in southern Helmand province, facing the risk of ambush and attack.

During the trip, the BBC team gained unique, prolonged access to the soldiers of the Royal Marines 3 Commando Brigade as they fight a shifting and elusive Taleban threat.
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