29 November, 2006

Pak support for Taliban.

The Daily Telegraph reports that, after being defeated by the Taliban in their own back yard, Pakistan is now advising NATO to surrender to the terrorists in Afghanistan.

Pakistan's foreign minister, Khurshid Kasuri, has said in private briefings to foreign ministers of some Nato member states that the Taliban are winning the war in Afghanistan and Nato is bound to fail. He has advised against sending more troops.

Western ministers have been stunned. "Kasuri is basically asking Nato to surrender and to negotiate with the Taliban," said one Western official who met the minister recently.
Kasuri has some support from Lt Gen Ali Mohammed Jan Orakzai, the governor of North West Frontier Province, who has played a significant role in negotiating the surrender to the Taliban in Pakistan's western provinces. The DT goes on to report that many Pashtuns are not happy with Orakzai because they "...consider the Taliban as pariahs and a negation of Pashtun values."

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