01 December, 2006

David "Tosser"Cameron - food snob.

On a rare day off from saving the universe, David "Tosser" Cameron has been preaching a sermon on good food. You can read his neo-socialist recipes, in full, here.

I shall paraphrase, for those with better things to do than read the ramblings of the next Conservative leader to lose a general election:

Instead of gorging themselves with junk food, the lower orders should ask their domestic staff to cook vegetables; even if they are as ugly as Cherie Blair they will be far more nutritious. The Conservative party is going to have a policy review group to find ways of making sure the proles only employ the highest quality chefs.

I, myself, do interesting things, tossing salads with my old friend, the Soviet hero, Red Tractor Mark and that delightful cabbage, Jamie Oliver. I intend to change attitudes so that, whenever you see somebody tossing something, you will think of me.
Can somebody please explain how we got lumbered with this idiot.

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