29 November, 2006

Even terrorists human rights, according to the EU.

The friends of the terrorists (human rights department) are working overtime after the release of a European Union report condemning some European governments for allowing the CIA to transport dangerous terrorists to places where they might be treated less than gently; the so-called "rendition". Human Rights Watch is particularly offended, so offended it calls on the US to stop it. Amnesty International is self-righteous as ever and links to the story of a terrorist suspect whose human rights were "violated"

In the House of Commons, the minor parties are getting all worked up. The SNP and Liberals, according to the Guardian, are demanding a public inquiry and

...jointly attacked the government for its "complicity" with the US government over the practice, whereby secret CIA flights transferred detainees to locations where they risked being tortured.
For once the Conservative party is behaving sensibly and refusing to comment.

The Independent also covers the story.

It never ceases to amaze me that, even after 9/11 and the London bombings, so many people are prepared to treat the war against terrorists as though it was some kind of Corinthian amateur sporting contest to be played by rules. The question the human rights lobby will never answer is whether they would prefer another atrocity to occur or rather it be prevented by effective intelligence gathering.

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