30 November, 2006

World AIDS day in South Africa.

Tomorrow is World AIDS Day and the Guardian reports that South Africa is going to mark the occasion by launching a plan to counter the disease that does not involve beetroot and garlic. In October Crumbling Spires reported on the new policy and this appears to be the formal burial of health minister, Dr Mantombazana Edmie Tshabalala-Msimang's medical eccentricities, which recommended a nutritious diet based on garlic, beetroot, lemon and African potatoes as the best way to fight AIDS.

Manto, or Dr Beetroot as she is widely known, may be down but she is not out. According to Independent Online, she is ill at the moment with a lung infection but "is looking forward to doing her bit in the fight against HIV and Aids when she returns to work." She will not however, be attending any World AIDS Day functions.

In a related story, IOL reports criticism of traditional herbal cures for AIDS, which seem to be not far removed from Manto's remedies.

More AIDS-related stories from South Africa via News24 and SABC News and the Mail and Guardian.

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