02 December, 2006

David Cameron: Daily Telegraph interview.

David Cameron has given the Daily Telegraph an exclusive interview to mark the first anniversary of his becoming leader of the Conservative party. Here is the full text of the interview.

There is also an audio file and links to various related articles.

What does the cretin in chief say? In crude terms, redolent of John Major, the DT headline sums it up: back me or we will lose again. I will have to think about that. The interview itself is an anthology of the garbage Cameron has been spouting over the last twelve months: rebranding the party, ditching outmoded ideas, taking the centre ground, poverty, schools, NHS, discipline, CBI, US, Iraq, blah, blah, blah. Towards the end there is history lesson:

I believe in steady and sensible evolution. This is what the Conservative Party has done for generations, whether Disraeli taking the Conservative party’s appeal to the new middle classes, Churchill and Eden reaching out to home owners. Margaret Thatcher making the Conservative Party attractive to reform minded trade unionists who wanted a growing economy. This is what the Conservative Party has always done...
Disraeli actually stood for the traditional landed interest against the nouveau-riche manufacturing interest and I think he is confusing Churchill and Eden with the crypto-socialist Macmillan. However, that's debatable but for Cameron to claim a Thatcherite legacy in any shape or form is just drivel of the highest order. Mrs Thatcher always put the individual before the state and said what people needed to hear, not what they wanted to hear. Maggie had principles.

Back me or we will lose. Let's see. We are going to lose with Cameron as leader, so we might as well tell Davey boy to piss off now and give his successor time to try to salvage something from the mess he will inherit.

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