04 December, 2006

David Cameron's friend.

David Cameron had a secret friend but he is no longer a secret because some disgruntled senior members of the party have been telling the Daily Telegraph about him.

Steve Hilton is being paid a small fortune for advising Cameron on, er, something or other. Hilton was apparently the brains behind hug a hoodie and also had the bright idea of using a focus group to help decide Tory policy on the single most important defence issue facing the UK over the next decade: Trident replacement.

One senior Tory front-bencher said: "Steve Hilton has become the shadow leader of the Opposition. There is a new catchphrase on the front bench if we have an idea. We say: 'What will Steve think?' Another senior Tory said: "There is not a word that comes out of David Cameron's mouth that has not been scripted first by Steve Hilton. It's fine while we are seen to be ahead in the polls but I think the knives will come out if the polls go south.
I just hope they save at least one blade for Cameron.

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