07 December, 2006

Appeasement in Washington

Now it it is official. The axis of weasel between Yesterday's Men and Congress has successfully engineered an American defeat in the War on Terror. The Iraq Study Group has called for a return to old ways of appeasement. There will be great celebrations in the Democratic Party, Damascus and Tehran.

The Iraq Study Group Report can be downloaded here, in pdf format, along with various background material. Update @17:12: Truth Laid Bear has a linkable html version of the ISG report.

The Daily Telegraph says that the ISG Report has left the President on the ropes.

The Times highlights divisions over the report within the US administration, with the State Department being more enthusiastic appeasers than most.

The Guardian has a relatively straightforward news report and saves the anti-Bush gloating for the comment section.

The Independent is so ecstatic it has an apocalyptic orgasm.

As an antidote to the depressing news, here is Mark Steyn in top form in last Sunday's Chicago Sun Times.

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