05 December, 2006

Saudi annoyance

The Saudi Royal family is not best pleased about the al Yamamah revelations of slush funds, reports the Times, and the UK is starting to pay the price.

A Whitehall source confirmed that the row over the SFO investigation was begining to sour broader diplomatic and commercial ties: “Saudi patience has entirely run out. This SFO investigation has been going on for years. The Saudis feel, rightly in my opinion, badly let down that Britain has not respected their confidentiality,” a Whitehall source said. “The contract is on the line, our relations with the Saudis generally are hitting the rocks. Everything is in jeopardy, including our anti-terrorism co-operation.”
According to the Guardian, the Saudis do not entirely trust the French and US defence firms are pitching for the contract.

Still no sign of the Attorney General.

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