08 December, 2006

Melanie Phillips on the myths of Islamic terrorism in the UK.

In the Spectator, Melanie Phillips uses Dhiren Barot as a a case study to demolish some of the myths surrounding causes of Islamic terrorism in the UK: it is not Iraq, alienation, Bush or copycat disaffection. It is the nature of Islamic aggression. Even the Barot case, she concludes, is not enough to stir many people out of their complacency

There is still widespread denial of the threat facing Britain. Hard on the heels of the Barot case came the announcement by Dame Eliza [Manningham-Buller, head of MI5] of at least 200 terror networks, 1600 terrorist suspects and 30 top priority terrorist plots currently active in the UK, with the warning that future threats would involve chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear attacks.

Reaction to this was also muted, because of the climate of cynicism and puerile conspiracy theories which treats such warnings as an attempt by politically compromised officials to shore up ‘Blair’s lies’, or to get more funding for the security service, or to grab our liberties.

I doubt she will make much impression on "the climate of cynicism and puerile conspiracy theories" of the Barot Truthers but, for the rest of us, the article is timely reminder that the dangers are very real.

The article is also on Melanie Phillip's website.

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