09 November, 2006

Dhiren Barot truthers

Barots' book is here, not where Google has been sending searchers.

An update on yesterday's visit to fantasy island. The first four pages of a Technorati keyword search for Barot reveals support for the emergent view that Barot was a harmless nutter, set up by the police and security services: Famous for 15 Mega-pixels; roy nelson and, from the same author, Roy's Site. All take the line that Barot is a harmless nutter with occasional reference to the real criminals: Bush and Blair. At the other, more respectable end of the cynical spectrum, SpyBlog is doubtful that Barot did in fact pose an actual threat. even though, "He appears to have been an active terrorist plotter".

There is no point in repeating the counter arguments from yesterday. Such views are not susceptible to reality anymore than those of the 9/11 truthers. Fortunately for them, the Barot truthers are also being protected by the security services.

Update 10.11.06
I still think SpyBlog under-estimates the threat posed by Barot but having re-read his post, I am happy to apologise to Watching Them Watching Us for my mistake in grouping SpyBlog with the hard core conspiracy theorists and this post has been edited accordingly.


Watching Them, Watching Us said...

Please read the Spy Blog article and comments again.

Nowhere does it say that Barot is "harmless", only that his "detailed plots" seem to have been by exaggerated in terms of the actual risk which they might have posed, and that we should not believe the Labour Government and media hype about "hundreds or thousands" of casualties.

Remember that he has been convicted without any weapons, explosives, toxins, radioactive isotopes etc. having been found, or any sign of them being about to be obtained.

Was he arrested too soon, before he could lead the authorities to his Al Queada paymasters ?

Watching Them, Watching Us said...

Thanks for taking the trouble to revise your opinion.

Perhaps more will be revealed about the real level of threat, when Barot's co-arrestees the "Luton gang", come to trial.