06 November, 2006

Al Qeada terrorist, Dhiren Barot, to be sentenced.

At Woolwich crown court, a two-day hearing is underway to sentence Dhiren Barot, a British al Qaeda terrorist, who had planned to kill thousands of people in both the UK and the UK by packing limousines with gas cylinders and explosives, and detonating them in underground car parks beneath heavily populated buildings.

Barot made reconnaissance trips to the US in 2000 and 2001 but his US ambitions were deferred after 9/11 and he focused instead on the UK. According to the Guardian, in 2004 he travelled to Pakistan for approval and funding from his terrorist bosses. but his trip was cut short when the Pakistani authorities moved in during July and found incriminating documents. On his return to London, he was arrested and, as the Independent reports, the police discovered ample evidence to ensure a conviction. Who knows what other leads it has led to.

The Independent has more on Barot and on Barot's terrorist training abroad. The story is also covered in the BBC, the Daily Telegraph and the Times.

Quite rightly, few details have emerged about how the intelligence services first identified Barot. However, it is sufficient to know that they did. The affair is undoubtedly a major success which gives us confidence in the agencies responsible for the country's security in the War on Terror. Perhaps the government should reward them with adequate funding.

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