07 November, 2006

Dhiren Barot, the literary terrorist, gets 40 years. Read his book.

Dhiren Barot, the British Al Qaeda terrorist has been sentenced to life in prison, with a recommendation that he serves of a minimum 40 years before parole can be considered. 40 years is a long time to spend safely well-fed, and warm, watching SKY television and pursuing whatever hobbies and educational courses he likes, but I am sure he will manage somehow. Give it a few months and some bleeding heart will be pleading for his release. Think how much the security of the nation could be increased - and how much taxpayers' money saved - with a cheap bit of rope.

If he gets bored, Barot can always write another book. In addition to links to background material, the Daily Telegraph report on the sentence also provides a link to a Barot's literary effort so-far: The Army of Medinah in Kashmir. Click here to download the book in pdf format. The paper says it lays bare the mind of jihadist. I have skimmed through the preambles and the opening paragraphs and I think each of it's 152 pages are going to be hard work. It may well lay bare my impatience with boring texts but I shall plough through to the end and review it on here, eventually.

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