07 November, 2006

Pc Farooq: suing the Met.

PC Amjad Farooq is suing the Metropolitan Police for racial discrimination. Farooq, a Muslim, was removed from duty with an armed protection unit responsible for guarding diplomats and senior politicians such, as Tony Blair. According to the Met, he failed a counter-terrorism vetting procedure but they are not saying why, on security grounds. The Independent of course senses racism and, to prove its point, quotes various Islamic dignitaries and refers to other cases involving Muslims.

Farooq's lawyer, Lawrence Davies is obviously a learned friend and a half. The Indy quotes him as saying,

" We live in a society where it is possible to point a finger at a Muslim abroad and say that they have WMD and are a threat to national security and no questions are asked. Now those who 'protect' us feel emboldened to point the same finger at British Muslims. Muslims are labelled guilty by association. Doubt is insufficient to save them. They are assumed guilty before being proven innocent. We are very close to living in the days of Salem. If the head of counter-terrorism becomes a Witch-Finder General then any Muslim or Muslim-looking person or sympathiser best take cover.
I'm not sure what WMD have to do with Farooq and I am not convinced at all convinced by the links between the case and 17th Puritanism in Massachusetts and East Anglia.

What is clear, however, is that PC Farooq failed the security vetting so was removed from duty. So far, all that has been revealed is that his children attended a mosque associated with suspected Islamic extremists. Its sounds to me like a sensible precaution. Until, or unless, the detailed evidence either enters the public domain or is inspected by an independent figure, it will have to be left at that. Better safe than sorry.

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