09 November, 2006

Mizanur Rahman: guilty of incitement

Mizanur Rahman, a London Muslim who got rather over-enthusiastic at a demonstration against the Danish Prophet cartoons, has been found guilty of inciting racial hatred. The jury was unable to reach a verdict on a charge of incitement to murder and a decision on a retrial will be made later. Sentencing was deferred. The BBC has a report and some video of the demonstration, which may to may not be relevant. It will not play for me.

So, the question now is, having secured a conviction against an individual who seems to have got worked up on the day, when are the authorities going to move against the really dangerous individuals: the radical preachers who incite the crowds to incite racial hatred? So far we have had only abandoned plans and ineffective taskforces. But let us not quibble. Not so long ago, a case such as Rahman's would have been inconceivable. The authorities are slowly taking a more realistic attitude.

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