08 December, 2006

Smoking guns and legal action.

The Cash for Honours saga continues to unfold, with tales of smoking guns and legal actions. Make of it what you will but I can see no smoke.

The Daily Telegraph reckons it might have found a smoking gun in the form of an email sent a fortnight before the general election by Matt Carter, then Labour's general secretary and Registered Treasurer. Aware that the media had got a story that the Conservative campaign was being financed by loans from wealthy supporters, Carter e-mailed a lot of senior Labour figures, warning them to leave the issue well alone because Labour was also using loans to finance its campaign. The DT draws the inference that senior Labour ministers and party officials, therefore, knew all about the loans, despite their subsequent denials. Maybe, maybe not.

In Guardian Comment, David Hencke reports some Labour constituencies are exploring legal options that could result in Blair and Levy being held personally responsible for any illegal loans.

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