15 February, 2007

Coaltion security operations underway in Iraq.

The Ministry of Defence has announced that 2,000 Iraqi troops, supported by 1,200 British troops from 19 Light Brigade, have launched a major security operation in and around Basra (or Al Basrah), in south eastern Iraq. Over the next 72 hours, Operation Troy will attempt to counter criminal and militia gangs through a series of intelligence-driven operations. Basra city has been surrounded and all traffic into and out of the city will be stopped and searched at checkpoints. Royal Marine boat patrols will search traffic on the Shatt al Arab and other waterways. The nearby border with Iran has been closed. The MoD link, above, has a map showing the disposition of forces.

The BBC and has an early report.

Map from CIA World Factbook.

On a wider front, Iraq's border with Syria has also been closed as the US army clamps down on the security position in Baghdad, Reuters reports.

More from the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian.

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